How-to make a baby mobile from an IKEA laundry rack

Baby Mobile selber machen aus einer IKEA Wäschespinne - Artikelbild

The “make a baby mobile” project sure took a while. But it’s finally finished :) And the mobile with homemade felt animals is at the same time an IKEA “hack” project, since the little marine figures are held by an octopus actually designed for hanging up little pieces of laundryread more

How-to create cute felt animals

Tiere aus Filz basteln - Artikelbild

Today I actually wanted to show a handmade mobile, which little felt animals can dangle from. Because my last blog entry about baby mobiles totally inspired me :) If only it weren’t for one small problem: they take forever to make!!! In order to fill a whole mobile, I’ll still need a short eternity. To begin with, here’s the tutorial for making the felt animals WITHOUT the mobile :) read more

Building a race track top for the IKEA TROFAST storage combination

Aufsatz für Autorennbahn für IKEA TROFAS Regale selber bauen

Finally, here is something for the mummies of boys! Or their daddies, depending… :) My dad built this race track top for the classic IKEA TROFAST storage combination for our older one – a great possibility to stow the race track away which usually stands in one’s way on the floor, and also to gain more storage space for further toys! read more

Itchy feet, planning madness and a special souvenir

Von Fernweh und einem speziellen Urlaubsmitbringsel - Artikelbild

I have itchy feet. I would sooo like to get away again, somewhere I don’t know anything. Where it’s quiet. Where I can recharge my batteries. Where you don’t have to plan everything but can or have to be spontaneous…

Like with our New Zealand road trip last year. In the past, road trips were not for me. Having to get accommodations only short-term, not knowing where you will be heading the next day… God forbid! I was a fanatic at planning; OF COURSE I needed to know if I got a bed for the next night or would have to camp in a field!!! read more

Beautiful nursery: How-to beautify your cot with name ornamentation

Babybett verschönern mit Namens-Dekoration - Artikelbild

It has been a few weeks since Nelly moved from her bedside crib to a normal cot. Since we bought the simple IKEA SUNDVIK cot and I have been abstaining from bumpers, covers etc. so far, I wanted to beautify the cot. Give it a personal touch. I sewed a red name ornamentation, fitting the the red HEMNES chest of drawers with changing table top. read more

Sew your own teething ring or rather teething CLOTH

sew a teathing ring or rather teathing cloth - postimage

By now, Nelly has reached a phase of her teething where neither a normal teething ring nor cold food is helping :(. But by circumstance I found out that cold facecloths can be a real blessing to ease teething trouble! So I sewed two “facecloths to go”.

read more

Picture frame making instruction “My first 12 months”

kullaloo - picture frame making instruction - postimage

Last week, Nelly turned seven months old. I’ll admit that is not really a milestone birthday or something like that, but I took this as a reason to finally craft some baby picture frames with pictures from each month of her life (and give you the corresponding instruction)… For if not now, I fear I’d never do it :)

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DIY Project: Making flowers from laminated fabric

Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff

One thing I have been meaning to try as a DIY project is making laminated fabric. Tchibo had a laminator for sale some time ago – I just couldn’t resist :) The outcome was some colourful flowers which I will be using for a mobile for the nursery.

I admit it; I am addicted to fabrics :) Soon I will show you my collection, so you know what I am talking about. And for a fabric addict there is nothing nicer than using their favourite fabrics in many different ways.

For a while now I have been thinking about laminating fabric to make little cards or tags. I didn’t really know if it would work. But now I tested it and I have to say: really easy and quickly done, and the technique surely can be used for many other DIY projects.

In my first try I made three differently sized flowers and – after some trial and error – assembled a wind chime from them. I guess they’d make a good key ring pendant or nursery decoration as well. Here is the instruction for the DIY project!


  • Different fabrics for the blooms
  • Colourful buttons for the centre of the flowers
  • Simple thick buttons to use as spacers between the layers
  • Laminator with sheets

DIY Projekt: Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff – Material

The spacer buttons will add a more three-dimensional look to the flowers, which I liked. You can leave them out if you like.

Flower pattern to download:

I used two different blooms and a circle for each flower. You can download the pattern as JPG here if you like.

Crafting instructions for the DIY project “Making flowers from laminated fabric”:

DIY Projekt: Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff – Schritt 1-3

  1. First, cut the blooms from the fabric. Since the flower should look identical from both sides, one needs to cut the big bloom once, the little bloom twice and the circle twice as well.
  2. Now insert the blooms into the laminator. Leave at least a 5mm margin between fabric and edge and at least 10mm between two pieces of fabric. The sheets will not stick together right at the edge of the fabric.
  3. Lean back and let the laminator do the work :)DIY Projekt: Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff – Schritt 4-5
  4. After laminating, cut the pieces out. As I said, the sheets will not stick together right at the edge of the fabric, so leave a margin of 5mm.
  5. Once all five pieces have been cut out, they need to be thread. I pre-pricked the holes with a needle. Every piece needs two holes, as far apart as the button holes of the spacer buttons. Just use the buttons as a model.DIY Projekt: Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff – Schritt 6-8
  6. When threading, start with a spacer button. Then follows the circle and the decorative button for the flower centre. Now thread back through the second hole of the decorative button, the fabric circle and the spacer button. Background: When everything is thread, you can knot the thread invisibly behind this first spacer button.
  7. Now the other parts are thread with one of the two thread ends. Alternate between the laminated fabric pieces and the spacer buttons.
  8. In the end, if everything went well, you should finish where you started. Knot the two threads and cut off the remaining pieces of thread. And that’s the DIY project “laminated fabric flower”!

I did this with three differently sized and shaped flowers:

DIY Projekt: Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff – Ergebnis

First I wanted to use them decoratively with those small memo holders with clips. But this only worked with the smallest flowers, while the others were too heavy.

DIY Projekt: Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff – Aufsteller

So I decided on a mobile. I bought three metal rings and wrapped them with felt. In every ring I hung a flower. This will definitely find its way to the nursery… if we ever – in between all these DIY projects – get to furnish it :D

Until then the wind chime has found a home at my sewing shelf where it looks nice despite the lack of wind. I hope you liked my little DIY project :)

DIY Projekt: Blumen aus laminiertem Stoff – Windspiel


Sew a baby hat with rabbit ears

Babymütze mit Hasenohren selber nähen

Easter is around the corner and now there is finally a perfect DIY project for Easter. And this Easter bunny hat is not only cute, it’s also practical … because while looking for Easter eggs in the snow, this baby hat keeps little ears nice and warm :)

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How to stick chalkboard contact paper to a child’s desk

Kinderschreibtisch mit Tafelfolie bekleben

At some point, every child’s desk will be covered with chicken scratches from crayons. In some cases, it is so bad that you can’t even perceive the primary color of the desk, nor the original surface.
The easiest solution would be cleaning :). but in the time it would take to clean the desk, one could easily create a new drawing surface with chalkboard contact paper.

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